Research Skills


I have the research skills to find and share information, and present it in new and interesting ways.

While developing Heroes of the Antarctic, I researched every aspect of exploring the Antarctic during the early 1900s, down to minute details about human caloric requirements when trekking on foot across the snow.  I consulted with scientists, read diaries by explorers, perused maps and archived footage, all to create a game that would bring the player as close to the Antarctic as possible.

As a paralegal, I procured medical evidence, researched government documents, scoured witness depositions, and presented the pertinent information in an appropriate and accessible format. While working at Wall to Wall TV, I researched and compiled character synopses for a docu-drama about the first human heart transplant.

I have formatted data as graphed trends showing increasing abuse suffered by an individual over time, created spreadsheet chronologies of medical errors in a class action, and documented a witness’s background to challenge their opinion in court. I created a case management tool using Drupal and CivicRM.  The tool allowed our law office to handle evidence for deep research and analysis.