Communication & Digital Outreach


I have the skills to manage, strengthen and enlarge a community of supporters.  I can turn moderate support into active support.

I have been trained to liaise with large networks of people and spark dialogue around new ideas. On the Obama campaign I reached out to engage community leaders, party elders, and local activists. I maintained a single message during the hectic pace of an emotional election. I can translate this analog advocacy and outreach experience into the digital realm and energize advocates in both the expert and lay community around your mission.

I have social and technical networking experience that could benefit any organization. On the Obama campaign we used home-brewed social media tools to promote our events and volunteer activities. We were not limited to our own technology; we used every website that attracted a large number of readers and contributors. Whether it was sneaking a link into Reddit, inciting re-tweets, or spreading campaign messages through campus Facebookers, we got the message out. Often, supporters would repeat our message back to us as if it was their idea.

In my first two years of college, I worked as a summer camp counselor and a child mentor for Jumpstart. My child education training proved surprisingly helpful on the Obama campaign when briefing policy makers on local issues or coaching volunteers to talk to undecided voters.