• Communication & Digital Outreach

    I have the skills to manage, strengthen and enlarge a community of active supporters. I was born with a keyboard in my hands, and I approach online networking the same way I approach community building in rural areas. I recruit new activists and networks while gaining the trust of established groups and leaders.

  • Writing 2.0

    Many organizations rely on good writers. Every job I’ve had has taught me new and better ways to write. The BBC taught me to write short, punchy blurbs. The Kravis Leadership institute taught me how to summarize jargon-ridden journal articles. The civil rights law firm where I worked wanted summaries, indexes, and chronologies based on evidence. Writing for others has been a daily part of my life and I know the best styles needed to reach the right audience.

  • Research Skills

    I have the research skills to find and share information, and collaborate sensitively with a variety of communities.